My Role as a Wedding Planner

I get asked this question a lot, especially since setting up my own business as a wedding and event planner. What is it that I do and how do I differ from the coordinators that already exist in venues? Also, what support can I offer a bride during the planning process to make her life that little bit easier? These are all completely valid questions that I hope to answer in this post!

I know a lot of wedding planners now and we all absolutely love what we do! You won’t believe how excited we get when an enquiry comes in asking us to be a part of someone’s special day. It really is the best! Having that additional support can really make a massive difference to your time management and most importantly your stress levels! After all, who wants to feel mega stressed throughout the planning and on their wedding day?! 

Rustic barn wedding styling

The most important thing to point out is that I can be involved as much or as little as you wish. I have set packages that couples can choose from but I also offer a complete bespoke service and work with you to put together a package that works just for you and your day.

So what can I do for all you brides out there? Short answer is a lot but the main aspects are below.

Save you time and money when booking suppliers

On average there can be up to 10 suppliers involved in just one wedding. I’m talking about the venue, entertainment, catering, styling, photographer, flowers etc. The list is endless and also pretty time consuming. As an event planner I am constantly in touch with the most amazing suppliers both locally, online and beyond. The amount of people I have come into contact with since setting up my own business is mind blowing! I honestly have no idea where they have been hiding, I didn’t come across any of these gems when I was planning my own wedding last year. It honestly makes me want to do it all over again!

I could quite easily give you a list or you could choose to stalk my social media pages, as I happily post about them all constantly; but when working with an event planner and arranging for them to source the perfect people to make your day amazing you can make some huge savings and it will also save you so much time! Leaving you to enjoy your engagement, read through a glossy wedding magazine (or 10!) and worry less about having to make all of those decisions. You also have the reassurance that these suppliers are highly recommended and fabulous from the word go. I only put forward people who I have met numerous times or worked with to ensure that you are getting the best.

Naked wedding cake by the Bun Bunny
Naked Wedding Cake by The Bun Bunny

Thinking back to my own wedding, I would have loved to have had a planner to support me with the research. Easy for me to say because I am a planner but back then I was completely oblivious to the enormous amount of support that was out there – hence why I set up my own little business! The research side is not really the fun bit when you spend a stupid amount of time googling like crazy followed by copious amounts of phone calls and emails – it can be very boring at times and really starts to dampen the loveliness of the planning. 

Coordinate your wedding day

So you have planned your perfect day down to every last detail and you obviously want the whole day to run smoothly and to enjoy yourself right? I have known quite a few brides along the way who have felt pretty stressed and unable to relax for the whole day due to worrying about timings, decorations, suppliers etc. I don’t know about you but after all that planning and decision making you deserve to have the best day of your life and only worry about your dad’s drunken dance moves or the best man speech!

My absolute favourite weddings to work on are the outdoor rustic/boho types, I’m talking about tipis, barns, woodlands, anything outdoors where you can literally do whatever you like and put your own stamp on it! Often with these types of weddings there isn’t a main venue involved so you have to get a variety of professionals in to make sure the planning and arrangements on the day go to plan, enter me! Whether you have five vendors arranged or 25, it doesn’t matter; I can manage the whole day so that you can enjoy yourself and not stress.

Photograph of Yorkshire Yurts, photography by Maisy Carr

My ‘on the day coordination’ isn’t just for the outdoor wedding types. I can also manage everything when a wedding takes place in a hotel, castle or anything with four walls and a roof! You may be thinking, “but I already have an event coordinator at my venue, I don’t need another one?!”. Yes this is true, at most venues you already have a coordinator on hand BUT there are quite a few things that I will do as a freelance planner that won’t necessarily be included in the venue organisation;

  • Be there the day before the event to help with set up and general support
  • Manage ALL suppliers on the day, not just the ones associated with the venue
  • Be the main person on hand if anything should go wrong rather than the venue coordinator coming to find you
  • Be aware of the overall timings, making sure that the day is running to schedule
  • Always available throughout the day
  • Manage the clearing of the rooms, ensuring all items are stored carefully
  • Available the morning after to help clear away and resolve any final queries
  • Be an event planner but also a friend, my priority is for you to have the best day!


Offer support and guidance

I understand that some brides literally dream about their wedding day from the minute they know what a wedding is. I get that often some couples will want to plan everything and might not require a planner at all as they already have plenty of friends and family around to help with every aspect of the day. Believe me when I say that I LOVE weddings, especially when you can tell from the moment you arrive that couples have made it so personal.

Whether you already know who I am personally or you follow me on social media, I want couples, brides, bridesmaids etc. to really feel like they can reach out for advice or ask me any question without worrying that I am going to rustle up a package deal and start charging you. That isn’t why I set up my business, I’m not pushy in any way and just want to be around for anyone who requires support at any stage of the planning process. Whether you have a question about a supplier I have shared or have a few questions relating to a problem, I am always on hand to help.

Sian Chaplin Events Mission Quote

Full event planning

If you haven’t read the ‘about me‘ section on my website then you may not know that as well as my own business I also work full time in events, crazy I know! I live and breath events and absolutely love it but unless I clone myself I have to be realistic with what I can offer at the moment in order to continue to provide an excellent service. My future goal is to be able to offer full event planning for the couples out there who have no time or would just prefer for an experienced professional to take it on. Watch this space for any updates to my services!

I hope this blog post has been useful and helped you to understand why freelance event planners exist. We are here to support you because we care about your wedding as if it were our own.

Ask me any questions in the comments below or send me an email

Lots of love, Siân xxx


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