Supplier in the Spotlight – Bakerlou

For my next ‘supplier in the spotlight’ feature I am pleased to welcome Louise, owner and founder of her wonderful cake business; Bakerlou. I recently had the pleasure of working with Louise on a bohemian inspired styled shoot and I can tell you now, her cakes look and taste amazing!

Have a read and get in touch to find out more!

BakerLou Company Logo

What inspired you to set up your business?

I have always been creative but had never really thought of doing anything creative as a job. When I was planning my own wedding and was looking into wedding cakes, I started to think that one day I’d like to learn how to decorate beautiful cakes myself.

When I was on maternity leave with my first baby I took redundancy and didn’t go back to my full time job. I enrolled in a cake decorating class at night school and it all started from there. At first, it was just a hobby but quickly friends and family asked me to make cakes for them and I started to amass a portfolio of pictures of my work. Turning it into a business seemed like the logical next step… although timing was a bit crazy, as I set up BakerLou when I was pregnant with my second daughter!

The great thing about it though is that it works around my family life as I work from home and choose my own hours. I absolutely love being my own boss and being able to use my creativity in my work.

Fairy Garden Cake by BakerLou

Where are you based and how far will you travel to deliver your cakes?

I work from home in Meanwood, North Leeds. I generally deliver around West and North Yorkshire but this isn’t strictly limited. I am happy to go further afield if the job requires it, the only thing is that cakes don’t really travel well so, in that sense, local is usually better.

Do you focus on wedding cakes alone or do you bake for other celebrations too?

I bake for all sorts of celebrations. Being the mum of two small children, I am often asked to make kids birthday cakes. I have also done engagement, hen party and baby shower cakes in the past. I have just been asked to create a cake for a lady’s 100th birthday, which is a huge honour! And I have a ruby wedding anniversary cake coming up too. I would like to do more wedding cakes though and I was recently lucky enough to create one in my favourite style for a boho wedding styled shoot organised by the excellent Sian Chaplin Events ;-). I hope this leads to more wedding bookings as I loved working on this beautiful style and creating a real showstopper cake for a stunning setting.

Blush Pink and Peach Boho Inspired Cake by BakerLou

What is currently your favourite cake design that you love to create?

I see my style as very much contemporary and I follow some amazing Australian bakers on Instagram where I take a lot of inspiration. Think buttercream over fondant, tall cakes with sharp edges and dripping chocolate ganache! I recently worked with edible flowers for the first time, that I sourced from an organic farm in Devon – they were just beautiful and I can’t wait to use them again.

How far in advance should brides book their wedding cake?

Just as early as possible really. Last minute slots are sometimes available but it’s best get in early if you know your date as there is only one of me!

Pink Ice Cream Birthday Cake by Bakerlou

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a couple who are looking for their perfect wedding cake?

I sometimes look back at my own wedding cake and wish I had chosen something less traditional. If I knew then what I know now about cake style I would have been bolder and gone for something more exciting, so I would advise couples to dare to be different! Drip cakes are my speciality and they can actually be tailored to any theme. All of my cakes are totally bespoke and I love coming up with a design which incorporates an idea that makes it really personal to the recipient/s but also stays true to my style.

What are you most proud of about BakerLou?

When I started out, people used to come to me with pictures of novelty fondant covered cakes for me to replicate. I happily did it as I wanted the experience. However, I can now see that my cake journey has been about me finding my own style and identity as a cake artist. I think you can see a clear theme running through my more recent work and people are now coming to me for my own cake designs and giving me free reign to use my own artistic licence. This is a huge compliment!

Pastel Unicorn Cake by BakerLou

What’s next for BakerLou?

I have some exciting cakes coming up so keep an eye on my Instagram which is the platform where I share the most ‘behind the scenes’ peeks and also images of my finished works. I have connected with some fabulous suppliers this year and amazing opportunities are coming my way which is really exciting! I just wish I had more time- as my kids are still young, my time is limited but my eldest daughter starts school this September which is the beginning of me starting to get a bit of time back for myself again… wow what I would with some actual time!!! Watch this space…

Visit to find out more or email Louise at


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