2018 – My Favourite Wedding Trends

Whether you’re into trends or not, it’s always fun to see what the forthcoming trends are; especially for weddings! There is so much loveliness on the cards for this year and I’m sure a lot of these trends will carry on through to 2019.

2018 weddings trends
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

Here are a few of my favourites! You can find lots more inspo on my Pinterest page too.

Dessert Tables

This was popular in 2017 too so I’m so pleased it is still here. Dessert tables look and obviously taste amazing plus they offer more variety to your guests. It doesn’t have to be expensive either especially if you have friends and family who love to bake. Serve it along with your evening buffet or after your main meal!

Wedding Dessert Table Inspiration
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)
Donut Dessert Ideas for your Wedding
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

Hanging Floral Installations and Wedding Wreaths

Long gone are the days where you just have bouquets at your wedding. Flowers can be styled in so many ways and look absolutely stunning. I have seen lots of hanging installations that have been used as a ceremony backdrop or hanging from the ceiling over each table. They really do look super pretty and would most definitely wow your guests and bring in lots of colour.

Geometric Floral Styling for your Wedding
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

You might only think of wreaths around Christmas time but when you take a look at the inspiration out there, wreaths can look so gorgeous at your wedding. I was really sad this year when I had to take my wreath down so I’m excited about the possibility of seeing lots more throughout the year.

If you are thinking about having a wedding wreath then why not make your own. The lovely Dani from Deluxe Blooms gives us a quick tutorial on how to do this at the end so make sure you keep reading!

Wedding Wreath Inspiration
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

Ultra Violet

For those of you who don’t know, each year a colour is announced by Pantone as the colour to watch out for. Last year it was luscious greenery which will very much stick around for a while yet but ultra violet is THE colour for 2018.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what I thought when the news first came out into the wedding world. I’m much more into my softer colours (pretty much anything pastel related!) but after browsing Pinterest and doing some more research, I fell in love. There are so many pretty ways you can incorporate ultra violet without your wedding being purple mania. Think about stationery, purple florals or even purple macarons for your dessert table. Take a look at my Pinterest board for lots more inspiration. I promise you will love it too!

Ultra Violet Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Inspiration
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my Pantone 2018 – Ultra Violet board for full credits)

Geometric Styling

I think this could be my absolute fav trend. Geometric patterns can be incorporated into your stationery, floral arrangements, lanterns; anything! It is massively on trend and sure to be a big hit with lots of weddings this year.

Geometric and Copper Table Setting
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

Wedding Dress Capes

At last, you get to feel like wonder woman on your wedding day! Capes are set to be popular this year and I’m pretty excited (if any of my brides are reading this, please wear a cape! 😍)

If you are still not convinced, have a browse on Pinterest, in magazines, blogs etc. You will soon change your mind. Perfect for autumn and winter weddings but with so much variety out there you can pick the perfect piece for your spring/summer celebration too!

Wedding Dress Cape Inspiration
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)


Ahh yes my good friend copper. Oh how I love you so much. Copper is the dream and I’m so happy to hear that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I have lots of copper in my home so seeing my couples incorporate into their wedding day would be the icing on the cake!

Copper table setting inspiration
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

Alternative Food

When did you last sit down at a wedding and have the traditional three course meal followed by coffee and mini chocolates? There is nothing wrong with that but most couples these days are opting for less traditional options such as sharing platters, street vans, pub grub etc. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the norm, if you both love mexican food then have a fajita party! You will find that there are so many caterers out there who can accommodate pretty much any idea you have. Go crazy and be adventurous with your grub!

Manjit's Kitchen India Street Food
Manjit’s Kitchen – Indian Street Food

Intimate Weddings

Weddings are getting smaller and I think finally couples are realising that when it comes to the guest list, it is up to YOU who you invite and nobody else. If you haven’t seen your great auntie Barbara for 6 years then don’t feel like you have to invite her. Weddings are expensive and your photos will be your memories. Invite your nearest and dearest and know that everyone in that room is delighted to be sharing your special day with you.

I have my first woodland wedding this year at Escrick Park in York and I’m excited to say the least. Not only is it outdoors in a beautiful secluded wood but also a more intimate occasion as the area is only small. I can’t wait to be part of this magical wedding, hooray for outdoor weddings!

Woodland inspired shoot at Escrick Park in York
Woodland Inspired Shoot at Escrick Park in York. Photo credit: Lianne Gray Photography
Intimate Woodland Ceremony Inspiration
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

So that’s it! My favourite trends summarised into one blog post. Remember, it’s your day so don’t feel you have to plan your wedding around what’s hot this year. The best weddings are always the ones that are personal and unique so release your creative side and happy planning!

DIY Wreath Tutorial with Dani Bolser, Deluxe Blooms

Dani Bolser, Deluxe Blooms
Dani Bolser, Owner and Founder of Deluxe Blooms

Make your own hanging floral hoop display!

What you’ll need;

  • 1, 3 or 5 children’s hula-hoops (odd numbers work best) and you can even get a variety in sizes to make it more interesting.
  • Green or brown sticky floristry tape. You can buy this from amazon for less than £3.
  • A large selection of different foliage stems.

Step by Step;

1) Start to wrap the tape around the hoop to cover the hoops bright colours. Make a good few loops on the same spot to start with so you have a good grip, and then work your way around the entire hoop until it is covered entirely.

2) Next, grab some fabulous foliage. Faux is great as it won’t wilt, but this can work just as well with real greenery; just make sure you keep the stems in water until you need them. Start to create lots of small bunches with your foliage stems and secure them together with either the tape or twine. Mix it up with different kinds for a wonderful texture. Eucalyptus stems, ferns, olive leaves and lambs ear work well, but you can choose any foliage you like, or even add small white/ pink/ red flowers to suit your theme.

3) When you’ve made around 12-16 bunches for each hoop, start to attach them using more tape, wrapping around the tied stems and the hoop several times. After you’ve secured the first bunch, work backwards so your next bunch overlaps the exposed stems of the first bunch, and so on. For the final bunch, you may need to lift up the first bunch you did to secure the last one underneath it and avoid any gaps.

4) All you need to do is tie on some string or ribbon and hang the hoop from a ceiling, wooden beam or wherever you can at your wedding venue.

Hanging Floral Wreath Inspiration
Photo Source: Pinterest (visit my 2018 wedding trends board for full credits)

Thanks Dani! I might just give it a go myself xxx

You can find lots of inspiration and wedding ideas on my Pinterest page or get in touch if you require any support with your special day.

Love Siân xxx


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Keely says:

    Oh my gosh, Sian! Actually giggling a little at how basically all of the trends on your list are incorporated in our wedding! So glad we found you as you are definitely thinking on my wavelength. I’m definitely going to try the hoop wreaths and now the only thing I need in my life is a wedding cape 🙌🏼 😊 xx


    1. Sian Chaplin says:

      Aww thank you for such a lovely comment Keely, I am so excited for your wedding! Let me know if you do have a go at a hoop wreath 😍 Yes to a wedding cape too, it has to be done! Xxx


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